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History and Origin of Cyber Monday

Haven't heard of Cyber Monday? Well, you might be missing out on some great deals you may have missed on Black Friday! Instead of looking for your car keys simply log on to the Internet and scan your favorite online shops or informative sites like to find even more great deals!

The term Cyber Monday started in 2005 when Internet use and sales were booming. Queues in stores were suddenly running a lot smoother and retailers around the world started to wonder if shoppers had just suddenly given up on Christmas shopping. It was soon revealed that store stock was still being sold, even though they had not seen as many shoppers. The Internet unexpectedly created a whole new way to engage in holiday retail shopping.

As many die-hard shoppers still love to take part in Black Friday sales and deals, online shops have decided to use the following Monday as their ideal shopping day. The best deals online are saved for Cyber Monday. So if you choose to avoid the hectic and stressful Christmas Rush on Black Friday, kick back and relax and wait for Monday to find your bargains from the comfort of your home and computer. © All Rights Reserved